Material Safety Data Sheet

Section I -Material Identification
Name: Spectrum Environmental Lighting Filters
Chemical Name: Polymer Film
TSCA Inventory Status: All reportable ingredients are listed in the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory.
D.O.T. Hazard Class: Not regulated
Shipping Name: As above

Section II -Product Components
Ingredient % CAS Reg No. PEL/TLV
Polymer Film
Particulate 10mg/m3
Dispersed Dyes
Particulate 10mg/m3

Substances present at a concentration of 0.1% or more classified as a carcinogen by IARC, NTP or OSHA: None Are Known.

Section III -Physical/Chemical Data
Melting Point: About 300 degrees Celsius
Specific Gravity: N/A
H2O Soluble: Negligible
Volatile Content: Negligible %
Appearance: Plastic film, rose colored
Odor: Negligible

Section IV -Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Flash Ignition Temp: N/A
Unusual Fire/Explosion Hazards: There are no unusual hazards. The solid filter is combustible during processing. The filter can pick up a strong static charge which is dissipated in conversion. Static charge is not normally present in sheeted product.
Hazardous Combustion Products: Incomplete combustion gives, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon oxidation products including organic acids, aldehyde and alcohols.
Special Fire Fighting Equipment: Use of self contained breathing apparatus if exposed to fumes.
Extinguishing Media: Water, carbon dioxide, foam or dry chemical.

Section V - Hazardous Reactivity

Stability at Room Temp: Stable
Materials to Avoid: Strong acids or alkalies may hydrolyze the filters.
Conditions to Avoid: Termperatures above 235 degrees celsius.
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon oxidation products including organic acids, acetyl aldehyde, alcohols and aluminum fumes.
Polymerization: Will not occur.